Tango para tres
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S-G-S-Trio - Programme: Tango para tres

Three is one too many? Far from the truth one might say, as only a 'third' may turn interaction into communication, add dynamics to actions and render decisions distinctive.

This is very much the case with Tango Para Tres. When jazz saxophone meets piano and violine, the result will certainly be a crossover project that has yet to find many equals.

Tango Para Tres have taken on Astor Piazolla's music, breaking down stereotype sound patterns with their unconventional instrumentation. Co-equal to trios with the piano there are duets of varied interpretations.
Tango Para Tres take their audience on a journey through Piazolla's music, to experience the multifaceted moods of the Tango Nuevo from melancholia to joie de vivre.

Svetlana Urintsova - violin
Gunther Friedrich - piano
Stefan Koch - baritone saxophone

  Invierno Porteno

  Lamuerte del Angel